Life in Lyrics is a compilation of the Automatic Writing or Channeled Writing Katie Lindler channeled with a deceased musician who came back as her Spirit Guide with a specific mission to share rhyming lyrical stories and songs. During this Channeled Writing process with the Spirit Guide Musique, other Spirit Guides including Archangels came through in between the rhyming lyrical stories and song lyrics, with instructions on how to work with our own Spiritual Team. They are here to guide those ready for a new system in navigating life.

This book provides a passageway to experience higher frequencies. The lyrical messages provide insight into why the musician Musique has come back as a Spirit Guide, teaches how to be in the flow and work with Spirit Guides, and shares insight into a new higher energy vibration coming to Earth.  When we tap into our abilities to co-create the life we desire with our Spirit Guides, we discover the ability to expand our lives.