Life In Lyrics

Awakening to our true human abilities such as co-creating our life purpose through spiritual communication to higher frequencies with Spirit Guides, and using the power of energy, vibration, and frequency to mold the life of our dreams remains the goal.  Nothing would stop this from happening, and my Spiritual Team had me waiting backstage, so to speak, until it was the Divine’s time for me to step into the beginning of the Golden Age serving as a bridge connecting people to the other side.

Katie Lindler’s purpose and the purpose of this book is to guide you to return to your true power for personal expansion. What better way to connect your mind and soul to your high vibrational abilities as a channel and experience what being in the flow and co-creating with Spirit Guides feels like, than through a musician’s mission as a Spirit Guide here to reach a loved one, teaching us to trust the process, and instructions on how to connect with Spirit Guides – all done through rhyming lyrical stories and song lyrics channeled by the author.

There are millions of things that are real that we cannot see, hear, or touch, but we know they exist – viruses, the energy surrounding people, particles floating in the air, and God.  We know it. We feel it. We believe it. Spirit Guides are more powerful than any virus or low energy surrounding you. If you believe in the negative effects of low vibrational people and things, wait until you see the positive experiences that show up when you connect and work with your high vibrational Spiritual Team. Expect solutions. Expect more love. Expect miracles.